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Accelerating growth through an effective Account-Based Marketing strategy

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) focuses marketing and sales efforts on specific accounts rather than broad market segments, allowing businesses to create highly personalized and engaging campaigns aimed at key decision-makers within targeted organizations.

An ABM strategy includes the creation of a strategic framework, integration with existing marketing operations, and the use of technology to automate and scale ABM efforts to identify key stakeholders within target accounts and create personalized content and engagement strategies. The end result is more targeted, efficient, and impactful marketing efforts that are closely aligned with your company's goals and customer needs.

The power of a tailored ABM strategy

An effective ABM strategy involves deep research into your target accounts to understand their unique needs, challenges, and motivations. Armed with these insights, we design a customized marketing plan tailored to resonate with and engage each target account.

This strategic approach enables you to:

  • Deploy messaging that aligns to each account's specific needs and pain points
  • Implement initiatives through the channels favored by each account
  • Nurture accounts with relevant content matched to their interests
  • Track engagement at an account-level to double down on what works

The focused targeting amplifies relevance and engagement from accounts with the highest lifetime value potential.

The right channels for maximum impact

Every account has unique channel preferences. Our strategic ABM approach identifies and heavily utilizes the channels favored by each account to maximize engagement.

Initiatives may include:

  • Targeted paid ads on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook to reach key buyers
  • Customized emails, direct mail and sales collateral for nurturing
  • Personalized website and landing page content
  • Targeted thought leadership content amplification
  • Retargeting of engaged contacts through digital channels
  • Tailored social media content based on interests
  • Account-specific events and webinars

Crafting an ABM strategy tailored for your business

While leveraging proven ABM best practices, our strategic approach is tailored around your unique business goals, target accounts, product offerings, and resources. Here is an overview of how we craft account-based strategies:


  • Explore your existing marketing performance and scope for improvement
  • Conduct in-depth research into your target accounts - their structure, needs, challenges etc.
  • Analyze your competitors’ ABM strategies for additional insights
  • Continuously expand target account and contact data through seamless integration with your CRM and other platforms

Strategy development:

  • Set targets for number of accounts to engage, contacts to nurture, pipeline impact etc. based on resources
  • Determine optimal marketing mix and budget allocation across initiatives
  • Map out targeted account's customer journeys from awareness to advocacy
  • Craft tailored messaging frameworks based on persona needs and interests

Execution planning:

  • Detail marketing initiatives to implement the strategy across channels like ads, email, events etc.
  • Establish processes for initiative implementation, performance tracking and optimization
  • Assign account-specific metrics and benchmarks to optimize towards

Performance tracking:

  • Monitor account progression through the sales funnel based on engagement
  • Track account-specific metrics like contact reach, email open rates, event participation etc.
  • Analyze marketing's pipeline and revenue contribution at the account level
  • Course correct through data-driven initiative optimization and refinement

Your ABM strategy comes alive as we work closely with you to implement tailored marketing initiatives across channels. Initiatives are orchestrated to convey your value and deepen engagement with each target account.

For example, orchestrated LinkedIn ad sequencing targets different contacts as they progress through the buying journey. Account-specific email nurturing addresses individual interests. Personalized direct mail reinforces core messaging pillars.

We also continuously track performance at both account and initiative levels. This enables us to double down on high-performing strategies while optimizing less efficient ones.

Let's build a successful ABM strategy together

Let our expertise take your B2B marketing to the next level through precision ABM strategies tailored to your most valuable accounts. Schedule a free strategy call with our CEO, Alex Hollander, to learn more about strategically accelerating your business growth.

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What is the main advantage of an ABM Strategy over traditional marketing strategies?

An ABM (Account-Based Marketing) Strategy offers a more focused approach compared to traditional marketing strategies. Instead of casting a wide net to reach as many prospects as possible, an ABM Strategy focuses on specific, high-value accounts. This allows for more personalized and targeted marketing efforts that align with the unique needs of these accounts, which can lead to improved engagement, higher conversion rates, and stronger relationships with key clients.

How does an ABM Strategy align with my broader marketing strategy and goals?

ABM is not a standalone strategy but rather a component of your broader marketing strategy. It complements and enhances your other marketing initiatives by focusing on specific, high-value accounts. This targeted approach not only improves the effectiveness of your marketing efforts but also aligns with the ultimate goal of driving growth and improving your return on investment. Furthermore, an ABM Strategy can be adjusted based on changing market dynamics and business goals, ensuring it stays relevant and effective over time.

How do you identify the "high-value accounts" for the ABM Strategy?

The identification of high-value accounts is a critical step in formulating an ABM Strategy. This process starts with a thorough understanding of your business, market, and customer base. Factors such as a client's potential for revenue, alignment with your products or services, longevity, strategic importance, and likelihood of success are all considered. By focusing on accounts with the highest potential value, the ABM strategy can concentrate resources where they are likely to have the most impact.

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