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3-MONTH program

Cut your Customer Acquisition Costs by 25%

Reduce your current CAC while maintaining your inbound leads. Achieve greater stability and stronger resilience to market fluctuations with our tech-tailored, 3-month program.

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Secure the success of your next big investment round. 

We have a proven marketing methodology for B2B SaaS and tech businesses in North America. If you are looking to significantly decrease your customer acquisition costs and payback time, we help you spur further growth and increase profits.

What's included

How we ensure Lower CAC & More Growth

We’ve put together the best strategies for a comprehensive growth system that increases sales funnel efficiency in a cost-effective and sustainable way. 


Gain a better understanding of your business’s marketing strategy —what’s working and where it’s falling short. With a marketing strategy optimization, we’ll help your business operate more efficiently, cost-effectively, and productively. Our omnichannel strategy ensures everything is in line and optimized.


Refine your lead flow structure through attribution modeling, defined events and goals, and an alignment between your marketing and sales strategies. You’ll get a better understanding of your business’ performance through defined KPIs and accurate reporting. We can even help you set up offline conversion. 


Give your leads a warm welcome with a seamless user experience. With a personalized landing page and strategic web architecture, you can increase the number of leads that convert to paying customers. We offer everything from lead magnet creation and banner design to email marketing design and much more.

Demand Generation

Get your brand noticed above the competition with effective SEO solutions that ensure your business is noticed by your target audience. With lead magnets, personalized content, and case studies, your marketing efforts will be optimized. We help you stay on top of the latest digital trends and social media algorithms. 

Lead Generation

Maximize your lead generation while reducing costs through professionally structured and optimized campaigns. Our team offers custom PPC campaigns from the leading platforms on the market, lead generation forms, review channel optimization, and audience refinement. These solutions make sure your leads are maximized for conversion. 

the dream outcome

Cut your CAC and boost your lead generation in 3 months.


See what people are saying…

“The Effiqs team bring an array of expertise across SEO/SEM. They understood our goals and worked with us to develop the right plan to attack them. I would definitely work with them again, as we outperformed our targets!"

Alex Apter
Marketing Director


Why Choose Us?


We’ve already helped countless businesses reach their marketing objectives, we’d love to help you too! 

Lower CAC

Achieve a reduced customer acquisition cost without sacrificing any leads. The process is quick and easy. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

We’ll offer you a 100% refund on the 1st invoice if you’re not happy with our service after 30 days!

Big Savings

We can help you shave a whopping 40% off your current marketing budget! Put that money to better use. 


Interested in lowering the CAC of your B2B tech or SaaS business? Let’s talk. Our 3-Month Cut Your CAC program aims to enhance your digital assets in a relatively short time. We'd love to hear about your objectives and tell you how we can help achieve them. Curious about our pricing? Feel free to book a strategy call today with one of our specialists, or check out our pricing below!


How much does this program cost?

Our goal is to lower your marketing customer acquisition cost by at least 25% in 3 months and increase the efficiency of your revenue funnel without reducing incoming leads. Instead of hiring a marketing team of full-time employees that would normally cost you more money and time, this program has a fee of USD $5,750 per month, putting at your service a comprehensive marketing team that will own everything from the high-level strategy to execution across your entire marketing process.

What's not included in the program?

Our rates cover our services and one-time charges, but not advertising budgets, events, licenses to platforms or your marketing tech stack, and non-referenced services on the package. However, to make sure your business doesn't go over its financial limit, we will design a marketing budget that accounts for these escalating charges.

Do you guarantee results?

Yes, Effiqs takes responsibility for results if you outsource your marketing processes with us. We deliver results based on excellence, that's why we are confident enough to say that if you’re not happy after the first stakeholder discovery session, we will refund you 100% of the 1st invoice within two business days, no questions asked.

Why is this a 3-month program?

This plan is aimed for companies that have already passed the growth stage and the first rounds of investment, but want to lower their customer acquisition cost by optimizing their marketing processes. With our experience, we have found that for teams that are already in this stage, 3 months is the average time we need for the execution of tactics and strategies for smart optimization.

How long will it take to see results?

This program offers the best results after the 3-month period is over

Will this program get me new leads?

This program is indeed more focused on optimizing your current marketing efforts. However, we will help you maximize your lead generation while reducing costs through professionally structured and optimized campaigns.

Do you have a permanence clause?

No, because we know you will only stay with us if you are satisfied.

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Alex Hollander B2B SaaS Marketing Specialist

Accelerate your B2B SaaS and tech growth now

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Check out our other services to see where else Effiqs can help you optimize your business’s performance.