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Generate ICP leads for your B2B SaaS or tech company

We focus on nurturing leads that demonstrate a genuine interest in your services and reach an overall Cost Per Lead (CPL) of just $144!

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Say goodbye to third-party sourced leads shared amongst competitors

Our program is not just about lead generation; it's about creating meaningful connections with leads who have already shown interest in your solutions.


How the ICP lead generation program works

Our program is built on a foundation of deep market analysis and strategic planning, aimed at identifying and engaging leads that match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Targeted account lists

We create curated lists of companies and contacts most likely to benefit from your solutions, ensuring a focused and efficient approach to lead generation.

Demand generation strategy

We engage in top-of-the-funnel activities designed to generate awareness through ABM campaigns, using video and banner ads tailored to your account list, with ad spend included.

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Strategic outreach framework

We provide you with a comprehensive framework and strategy for cold emails and LinkedIn messages. This ensures direct and personal engagement with potential leads.

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Go-to-Market strategy and ICP analysis

We start by analyzing your ideal customer profiles and buyer personas, identifying key pain points to ensure our messaging resonates deeply with your target audience.

Messaging framework development

We'll develop a compelling messaging framework that speaks directly to the needs and challenges of your target accounts.

Guaranteed Lead Generation

We guarantee the generation of at least 125 leads that match your ICP criteria through targeted content downloads.

Remarketing efforts

In addition to targeted remarketing and ABM ads, we'll help you create compelling landing pages and offers to convert prospects at the bottom of the funnel.

What's included

The Proven Path to Lower CAC & More Growth

We’ve put together the best strategies for a comprehensive growth system that increases sales funnel efficiency in a cost-effective and sustainable way. 

Stakeholder Discovery

We’ll kick things off with a workshop Q&A designed to identify challenges that the leadership of your business thinks it's facing. The whole purpose is to get clear about the motivations behind your organization’s growth. 

GTM Discovery

The next go-to-market phase focuses on a number of discovery questions and information gathering about critical market components such as competition, buyer persona, end users, ICP definition, DMU information, and more. 

Data Discovery

This portion focuses specifically on gaining information and asking key questions about the data side of the equation. We’ll take a look at marketing-sales funnel performance, dashboards in CRM, data definitions, KPIs, and measurement.

Workshop 1

We’ll offer a high-level analysis of what we found during our assessment and highlight the biggest opportunities for growth, improvement, and greater efficiency. 

Workshop 2

After discussing high-level analysis with the executive teams, we’ll focus on dispersing actionable insights to other teams and management for implementation.  

Creating & Presenting Output

This is what the whole G2M program builds up to. Here, we’ll showcase our findings to the leadership team to highlight areas for improvement, how much ROI each advancement will yield, and some specific strategies for addressing them. 

the dream outcome

Generate targeted leads that are ready to convert.


See what people are saying…

“The Effiqs team bring an array of expertise across SEO/SEM. They understood our goals and worked with us to develop the right plan to attack them. I would definitely work with them again, as we outperformed our targets!"

Alex Apter
Marketing Director
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Why Choose Us?

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not happy after the first stakeholder discovery session, we will refund you 100% of the 1st invoice within two business days, no questions asked.

Boosted Growth

Expertise in SaaS Growth: With Effiqs, you're leveraging a team that specializes in SaaS and Tech, ensuring strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Validate Sales Funnels

Data-Driven Decisions: We prioritize analytics and feedback, ensuring that our strategies are always optimized based on real-world performance and user insights.

Continuous improvement 

Push higher and further with data-driven decisions, A/B testing, and troubleshooting features. 


This all-in-one solution costs $18,000, which is broken up into three monthly payments of $6,000 each. This comes down to a cost per lead (CPL) of $144. This investment shows that we are dedicated to giving you high-quality, ICP-aligned leads that are ready for your sales team to engage with and convert.


How do you guarantee lead generation?

We leverage targeted content downloads and strategic ad spends to attract leads that match your Ideal Customer Profile, backed by a comprehensive strategy.

What is included in the $18,000 investment?

This investment covers all necessary strategic planning, creative design, content creation, and targeted ad spend over three months, ensuring a holistic approach to your lead generation efforts.

What's the expected outcome of this program?

To create meaningful connections with leads showing genuine interest in your solutions, significantly enhancing the ROI of your marketing efforts

What's not included in the program?

Our rates cover our services and one-time charges, but not events, licenses to platforms or your marketing tech stack, or non-referenced services on the package. However, to make sure your business doesn't go over its financial limit, we will design a marketing budget that accounts for these escalating charges.

Why is this a 3-month program?

This period allows enough time to develop a tailored strategy, execute targeted campaigns, and refine tactics based on initial outcomes, ensuring a comprehensive approach to generating high-quality leads.

Do you have a permanence clause?

No, because we know you will only stay with us if you are satisfied.

How can I get started with the program?

Reach out to us to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your specific needs and how our Accelerator program can help achieve your business objectives.

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