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B2B Nearbound Marketing Agency

Transform your network's trust into growth. Our Nearbound approach blends advocacy with analytics, turning connections into revenue for tech brands in the Who Economy.

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Revolutionize B2B marketing through Effiqs' nearbound approach

The need for a transformative marketing methodology is clear, with relentless competition and ever-evolving customer expectations. Effiqs offers a revolutionary solution - nearbound marketing. As a pioneering growth operations agency, we are reinventing how tech firms connect with their markets. Our service goes beyond traditional frameworks, utilizing advocacy and community to forge stronger connections and robust growth. With specialized experience over 15+ years, Effiqs is your strategic partner in mastering the "Who Economy" and nearbound marketing.

Understanding the nearbound methodology

Nearbound marketing is not just an advancement, it fundamentally transforms how B2B relationships are built. At Effiqs, we leverage this methodology through a comprehensive strategy blending the most effective aspects of inbound and outbound tactics. We focus on establishing trust, not through exposure alone, but meaningful connections. We surround your prospects with the most trusted voices in your industry - your advocates. In doing so, we change how prospects see and engage with you.

Activating networks for advocacy and growth

In a crowded marketplace, trust is the most valuable currency. At Effiqs, we specialize in identifying and activating networks of advocates already respected by your potential clients. We help co-create engaging content incorporating the insights of these advocates, ensuring your messaging resonates and ignites organic interest. Our approach seamlessly combines outbound and inbound, improving lead quality, accelerating pipeline velocity, and boosting revenue growth.

A structured approach to nearbound

Effiqs' structured process enables nearbound success:

  1. Customer Insight: We kick off by crafting an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) based on your revenue data, which ensures that our efforts are as targeted and effective as possible.
  2. Strategic Narrative Development: Your unique point of view is your brand's signature. We assist in refining this narrative, setting you apart in the marketplace.
  3. Team Assembly: Nearbound marketing is a team sport. We help put together a team within your organization that is best suited to adopt a 'marketing with' philosophy.
  4. Evangelist Activation: The cornerstone of Nearbound marketing is advocacy. We identify and engage with external evangelists and partners who can champion your brand.
  5. Content Distribution: Co-created content is distributed through a variety of channels to ensure maximum reach and impact.
  6. Advocacy Attribution: We meticulously track advocacy efforts and adjust our strategies based on the insights gained to continuously refine and improve ROI.

Unleashing the power of marketing with your network

Leveraging nearbound, we uncover which evangelists and content types generate the most organic engagement and revenue impact. These insights are critical for optimizing your strategy and marketing mix for sustained growth.

Customization and integration - the Effiqs touch

Effiqs' approach is tailored to your unique needs, including:

  • Target Analysis: Pinpointing specific target accounts, contacts, and refining your ICP.
  • Brand Narrative Shaping: Enhancing your brand's positioning and narrative to highlight your unique value propositions.
  • Workflow Synergy: Ensuring that Nearbound tactics integrate seamlessly with your existing strategies and channels.
  • Advocate Collaboration: Leveraging existing brand advocates and cultivating new partner relationships.
  • Goals and Metrics Alignment: Aligning our strategies with your business objectives and key performance indicators for measurable success.

Kick off your nearbound journey

Effiqs can lead your transition into nearbound marketing, where prospects are engaged by advocates they trust rather than interrupted by unknown brands. If you are ready to transform your marketing and growth, contact Alex Hollander, our CEO. Together, we can enable a new era of effective, tailored marketing unlocking your brand's full potential in the Who Economy.

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