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March 17, 2023

Improving B2B SaaS Conversion Rates With This Complete Guide

b2b saas conversion rate

We will go over ways to raise B2B SaaS conversion rates in this blog post. Recognize the distinction between opt-in and opt-out free trials and learn how to maximize each tactic to boost conversions.

Sara Rendón
Content Strategist

The Challenges of SaaS Conversion Rates

The easy part is creating a SaaS platform. Adding more users and keeping them around is the hardest part of growing any SaaS platform. Find out how to increase the conversion rates of your B2B SaaS. SaaS are usually products that clients can use for both personal and business use on a subscription basis. An increasing number of SaaS companies are emerging with creative ideas in this technologically driven era.

Understanding SaaS Conversion Rates

What is a respectable SaaS conversion rate? As a brand-new SaaS provider, how can you convince potential clients that the products and services you supply will be advantageous? Offering a free trial is one of the best ways to promote your brand. Assume you are a baker who specializes in producing delicious, handcrafted cherry pies. Since your company is new, you must spread the word that your pies are the best available. You make the decision to provide new customers with complimentary samples of your cherry pie.

Some people enjoy the sample so much that they develop an addiction! They gradually turn into loyal customers. Some people don't think your pies are worthwhile to buy. Giving away your pie is a waste of time and money. use SaaS with the same reasoning.

Promoting SaaS Free Trials

What comes next? After offering a free sample, you need to take the time to convince more people to buy your pies. They know your tarts are the best, so you have to help them get engrossed. Provide them with an additional incentive to finish the purchase.

SaaS systems that offer a free trial option and have quick development often find themselves in this situation. You can show potential clients that your services are better by offering a free trial of your software.

Techniques for SaaS Free Trial Promotion

It's crucial to understand what you're getting into when a free trial is offered. You need a strong SaaS marketing strategy in order to maximize free trial conversions. Although SaaS trials do not have an event-based trigger, providing a free SaaS trial is a great way to get bottom-of-funnel prospects to start testing to see whether your SaaS platform meets your business's needs.

The small triumph in this section of your lead creation endeavors is when prospects show enough interest in your program to register, submit their contact details, and occasionally, divulge their credit card details. Additionally, they agreed to spend their own time reviewing the many features and functionalities of your SaaS platform. They are now qualified leads for your marketing efforts because you have previously aroused their curiosity.

Top Strategies for Boosting SaaS Conversion Rates

The real concern is how to turn free users into paying customers now that we know the different kinds of free trials that can be used. Now, let's talk about the six best tactics for turning free users into paying clients. Let's go right into the best practices for B2B SaaS conversion rates and quickly implementable SaaS conversion tactics.

1. Swap out opt-out with opt-in: Starting with the Opt-In free trial is what we advise doing if your SaaS company is more recent. This will give you more time to win over the trust and prove your worth to your free users.

2. Offer a Free Trial That Is Shorter: How long a free trial should last is a question that is also commonly discussed. We advise a shorter period of time, even though many SaaS businesses provide a 30-day free trial (on the grounds that this offers potential customers more time to get to know and fall in love with their product).


3. Customization for All-Life Marketing: A potential customer is considered qualified if their curiosity has been peaked to the point where they sign up for a free trial. This is your chance to interact with them in a targeted and strategic manner so they can recognize the worth of your product as well as the messaging and services offered by your business.


4. Make Use of Triggers to Boost User Achievement: Helping free trial users succeed with your software is also advantageous in order to raise the average conversion rate of SaaS and guarantee that they will become paying clients. You can achieve this goal by incorporating triggers in your product that make it more likely for a prospect to adopt a specific behavior.


5. Make sure your prices are clear: It is preferable if a prospect needs to go through fewer steps before becoming a paying customer. For this reason, we advise you to make your pricing as simple as possible.


6. Define the Common Conversion Actions (CCA): Lincoln Murphy's Common Conversation actions (CCA) metrics tell us that it's critical to figure out what kinds of actions and behaviors all or most of your paying customers participate in during your free trial.


Scaling any SaaS platform requires increasing B2B SaaS conversion rates. Providing a free trial is one of the best ways for new SaaS vendors to promote themselves. However, boosting free trial conversions requires a strong SaaS marketing plan. We understand that navigating these waters can be challenging, but you're not alone. Schedule a free strategy call with our CEO, Alex Hollander.

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