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August 25, 2023

Google's New SEO Landscape: Changes to HowTo and FAQ rich results

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Google has added new criteria to its HowTo and FAQ results page. Explore our analysis to make sense of these modifications, leverage images to your advantage, and optimize your B2B SaaS/Tech SEO.

Alex Hollander
Digital Marketing Coach | Agency Trainer | CEO

What's Becoming Different?

Accuracy in HowTo Outcomes: HowTo results used to be formatted as a paragraph of text or as a list of actions. But the new format calls for a detailed instruction manual with easy-to-follow steps.

Significance of responses: Only queries that are likely to be asked by users will have rich results from the FAQ shown. This implies that you ought to select your inquiries carefully and ensure that they pertain to the people who will be answering them.

Comprehensive Sections of the FAQ: Quantity is inferior to quality. Google now demands that you have at least three thoughtful questions and answers, when in the past you could add as many FAQs as you wanted.

Quality Remains Firm

The turning point? The quality of the HowTo and FAQ results will be closely examined, with an emphasis on the instruction's readability, information correctness, and general usefulness.

Aesthetic Makeover: Presentation is equally as important as content. Anticipate numbered steps and bolded titles.

Update for devices: Rich results for FAQs and how-tos will only work on desktop computers. This implies that mobile devices will no longer be able to view them.

How to Maintain Your Lead in Search Engine Rankings

Examine and Improve: Examine your FAQ and HowTo sections. Make sure they comply with Google's recent directives—a minimum of three thought-provoking Q&As for FAQ sections and step-by-step instructions for HowTo pages.

Content remains paramount. Produce information that is accurate, succinct, and easy to read through. Include pertinent keywords, but refrain from jamming them in.

Give Presentation Top Priority: Adopt structured layouts; bullet point your FAQ answers, number your steps, and use headings. Make sure your material is arranged logically by using a coherent framework.

Make use of pictures and movies: Pictures and videos can enhance the visual appeal and break up your material.

Utilize Google's Resources: Once your pages have been refined, use Google's Rich Results Test Tool to determine whether they qualify for rich results.

It Pays to Be Patient: Your pages might not start showing up in rich results right away. After you consistently provide excellent content and optimize your pages, you will finally observe outcomes.

Structured Data: To enhance your HowTo and FAQ pages, utilize structured data. Your pages will be better understood by Google as a result, increasing the likelihood that they will show up in rich results.

Strategic Promotion: After your FAQ and HowTo sections have been polished, take them online and share them on social media, incorporate them into your email newsletters, and increase their exposure.

Test your material by having a second person read it and seeing whether they can understand the directions.

Though information is still powerful, the true strength lies in action. Strategic collaboration is essential if you want to lead this changing digital landscape rather than just traverse it.

Make an appointment with Effiqs to discuss how to properly manage this SEO transformation and place your B2B SaaS/Tech company at the forefront of industry advancements.

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